Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost 36 weeks.

Almost 36 weeks. by iamaprice(Amanda)
Almost 36 weeks., a photo by iamaprice(Amanda) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Yes, I am busy.

No, we're not in competition with the Duggars.

Yes, this baby is a welcome addition to our family. We love children!

Yes, I'm a Christian (Reformed Presbyterian), homeschooling, bus-driving nut. I also bake with wheat from time to time. Shhh!

My husband and I consider our kids to be just what they are: priceless gifts and treasures. Each of their lives is worth more to us than all of the material "necessities" we could afford without "another mouth to feed".

No, we don't know if we're having another son or daughter. Most of the kids think it's a girl.

Yes, I am busy. Did I say that already? I have the attention span of an - oh shoot. What was I saying?

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  1. You are RADIANT!

    Yep, low for a boy, high for a girl...in hindsight, of course!


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