Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Nu nee nu nee nu..."

"Nu nee nu nee nu...", originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

"Sprink-o-leen the dirt, I'm sprink-o-leen the dirt. Lalalalala!"

It's a good thing this wasn't for a clothing shoot or anything. :P

New slips from . Another outtake.

This looks much cooler on here than in PS. Hmm.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tada!!, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Addie is such a ham.

Something vintagey

Something vintagey, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Floating By

Floating By, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

As some of you know, product photography is not one of my strong points. I'm so glad to have the site ones done so I can play with the fun stuff.

This is the Natural Claire slip. New from I LOVE it because it's so easy to photograph. It's not as tricky as white.

Front and Back

Front and Back, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).


White, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

They had...

They had..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

heaps of fun chasing me down the road.


Natural, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Window light gets me. I had to upload this one in colour too.

Natural slip with a Sunday Sash

This is a 2 yr dress over a 3 year slip on my 21 month old. This combo comes up to my 3 year old's shins.


Natural, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).


White, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Little Rosey Grumpus

Little Rosey Grumpus, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

It's so hard to be this beautiful. I love her little wisps!

They're here!

They're here!, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

A few months ago I was bemoaning the fact that my girls were shooting up and their dresses were getting too short for them. I looked for slips and couldn't find anything suitable, so I pitched the idea to my sisters at . I love what they came up with!

This was right before Addie dumped a whole handful of dirt onto big sissy's back. Nice.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 months

3 months, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

sooc - ISO 1600 monochrome

3 months

3 months, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

sooc - ISO 1600 monochrome


toes, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

His feet are nice and flexible now. They were so stiff when he was born, this would have been impossible.

3 months

3 months, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

He's three months old today. We went to Dr. Cady for a check-up and got two thumbs up. It was our last visit with him and his wonderful assistant, Amy before we move west. I'm going to miss them.

I took this last week. sooc. No time for editing tonight. If you look back through the archives, you can see how far his feet have turned. They're actually over-corrected to give him maximum flexibility. You can't see it in this shot, but he has several folds of skin on the outside of each foot. It's leftover from being stretched over his little clubs and will eventually be grown into.

He's in shoes with a bar between them 23 hours a day to keep pressure on the ligaments and muscles so they won't turn back. He loves his little times of freedom, but he doesn't mind the brace nearly as much as the casts. It's great to be at this stage!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Graceful, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

My Lemmy girl. Check out her hair. Can you believe how long it is??

Another scarletstitch slip. This one is my fav. It's cream. Nuff said. This shot probably won't make it onto their site, but it's a keeper for me!

My flickr seems to be working better now. I forgot to modify the cookie monster after Josh got it back up and running.

Monday, August 25, 2008


scar, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Flickr has flipped this over. It hates me tonight. :P

See that tiny line up there on his ankle? That's the scar from his tenotomy. His feet are doing super! I'll post more photos soon. I got a late start at editing the slip photos and time has gotten away on me.

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Imagine if you will, trying to do a clothing shoot with the following recipe:

1 very busy 20 month old girl

1 white slip ( coming soon to ! )

numerous dirt-covered crabapples and rocks

Blend well and add a sprinkle of frustration to taste.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today is the day

The casts are coming off! We're leaving in a couple of hours. On the way back, we'll be picking up a used swing that the Lord has provided for us. I can't wait! My swing broke down last week and Mr. Man has not been sleeping well. We're getting pretty tired around here.

Joshy lost his first tooth last week (scroll down if you care to see the photos). We don't do the tooth fairy thing, but Josh was going to give him a quarter for his tooth anyway. It had been a couple of days and he kept forgetting to do it. One night at bedtime he told Joshy to remind him to give it to him in the morning. Joshy replied,"Oh, that's ok, Dad. I want you to keep it so you can have as much money as you had when you got married. Besides, I think it's silly to get money for losing a tooth! haha Money should be for things like working or doing something hard, not just having your teeth fall out!"

My dad would've loved him.

Mr. Chunkawhumpins.

Mr. Chunkawhumpins., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Took this on Saturday. As you can see, the cheeks are going through a growth spurt.

His eyes are much like Joshy and Emmy's were at this age. They're sort of a blue grey with hazel in the middle, but they look brown sometimes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wind in the Tangles

My girls playing with dirty rock babies. They have several of them down by the crab apple tree. These rocks are busy. They also moonlight as cell phones, pies, books, dinosaur bones, dishes, wild turkeys, and cakes.

, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

He'll be 3 months old in a week.

sooc ISO 1600 monochrome - I know. I'm obsessed with this. :)

3 things:

1. Mr. Man's casts come off tomorrow not today.

2. This is good because we're organizing a bunch of our storage totes. We have to downsize as much as possible in order to fit everything into one U-haul. Idaho is looking like reality.

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dor!!! I hope you have a great vacation. I wish I could be there with everybody.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

"To bed, to bed...

"To bed, to bed..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Manderella). little pumpkin head." One from this evening. He's awake again now and I'm getting nothing done.

sooc - ISO 3200

1 month

1 month, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Manderella).

Uploading a few favs before the computer is wiped.

Tam and Jode, I got the new slips today. If all works out, I'll get some photos this afternoon. No promises that you'll get them immediately though. The laptop is on the brink.

Last casts

Last casts, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Manderella).

They come off on Monday! Hooray!

He's gaining on her


Heh?, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Manderella).

Boy Rogers got a new hat from his friend Johnny. He swims in it.

ISO - 1600 monochrome
I may never go back to shooting normally. :)

That was a very short break huh? I talked to Josh last night about my blog and he said I can keep it going. So if you saw my post yesterday about taking a break, nevermind.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I love this kid

I love this kid, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

A skeptic already.

From about a month ago.

Rrreedeet rrreedeet...

Rrreedeet rrreedeet..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

...smell my feet!

My dad used to say that. I don't know why.

Josh is the best dad. He loves to play with the kids, he makes them sourdough pancakes and waffles in the morning (from his own starter!), AND he even changes diapers. Am I blessed, or am I blessed?

sooc - ISO 3200 monochrome


Eeeeee!, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

"Gooood morning, Momma! I'm so excited to see you because you are the Momma and I love you!! See?"

He makes the funniest faces! haha

Kristie, I didn't think I'd be able to use the sleepers you sent without altering them, but they fit just fine over his wonkin' big casts! They've really come in handy with the cool nights we've been having. Thank-you again!

"Get going, horsey!"

"Get going, horsey!", originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

"If you be bossy to me, I'll have to buck you off."

sooc - ISO 3200 monochrome. My comforter makes a great reflector early in the morning, no? :)

My stream is being taken over by snapshots. This is a good thing for me. I put 3 years into becoming a pro and let the everyday stuff slide. I've missed so many moments like this one. Just my kids being kids.

Emmy holding up a tape measure to Auntie Annie: "Wook! Diss is a tape menjer!"

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm going to miss this tree

My kids play beneath it almost every day. Here they are with their cousin. Watching them reminds me of 'Rainbow Valley' by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Addie is on the phone of course. It's really a rock, but it gets great reception.
"Hi! Ok. Bye! *kiss*"

Stained Glass

By the way..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

I'm a posting fool tonight. The baby must have gotten into the espresso again. Oh for sleep! We have two more showings tomorrow. I cannot be awake at this hour.

A little tail...

A little tail..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda). sometimes all that's left after a long day.

Water Peacock

Water Peacock, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

My favourite of the day.


hahaha!, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Her expression cracks me up. Emmy with her cousin Greg.

P.S. They feed him, I promise! He just runs it all off.

sooc except for crop - ISO 1600 monochrome. Taken at twilight. I wish I'd been able to get out a little earlier. The light was really soft and pretty tonight.

Sopping Wet

Sopping Wet, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Em was having fun "watereen the grass seed" tonight.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"My toosh is loosh."

"My toosh is loosh.", originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

My five year old son lost his first tooth this afternoon. I was in the middle of giving the baby a sponge bath (he's still in casts) when Joshy figured out what makes teeth fall out.
"There's this thing inside of your mouth that just holds onto your teeth until a big grown-up MAN tooth bumps it's head. That's how the thing knows it's time to let go."

I glanced up at him to let him know I was listening and saw it hanging there so I grabbed the camera. While I was taking a couple of shots, Addie seized the day and took over the bathing for me. She bathed her head, my nightstand, my bed, the floor, and the baby's swing. She is so helpful like that.

Gap, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

After he pulled his tooth out of his mouth, he washed it off and went to play show and tell. He ended up loosing it among some sawdust from the trees that Josh just cut down and I tried to help him find it, but it was like looking for a piece of hay in a haystack. He mourned the loss for a few minutes (you can still see the traces here- the streaked cheeks and watery eyes), and then I asked him if he'd like me to print the pictures of his tooth coming out so he could carry that around instead. That did the trick. He's got two more loose ones. He can't wait for them to fall out too. Where has my baby gone??

Monkey hear, Monkey say

Emmy: "Momma, can we go to 'Pine in a Sky'?"

Me: "You mean 'Pie in the Sky'?" (It's a great local ice cream place)

Emmy: "Yep!"

Me: "I don't know, Sweetie, probably not."

Emmy: "Dat's not the apwopweate ansoo (That't not the appropriate answer). You say "Yes!" and den I wiw say "Oh thanks, Mom!!"

Addie pointing to a photo of Joshy that I took when he was two: "Beebee!"

Me: "That's not a baby, that's Joshy."

Addie insistently: "Baaaaybee!"

Me: "No, Joshy was two there. He was older than you are now, luv."

Addie: "BAAYBEE!" *Stomps foot* "Yunnerstan me?!" (Do you understand me?)

How has it come to this?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Freaky much?

Freaky much?, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Aside from the fact that she assumed such a bizarre pose, I've never gotten eye bokeh before.

"Oooh, Beebee! Fine? Fine? Ok."

"Ok, Beebee. Ok. Shhhh."

Oh dear.

sooc - ISO 3200. For a SBYW assignment.

Nurse Washclothhead

Nurse Washclothhead, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

"Paci, Beebee?" She thinks washcloths make great hats

ISO 1600 - monochrome

ISO 1600 - monochrome, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Oh I love my swing! I would go insane without it.

ISO 1600 - monochrome, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Friday, August 01, 2008

Opinions, girls?

Large photos? White borders? Grey or black background? Email me.


Addie's got a fever today so she spent most of the afternoon on my bed. She's a cuddly girl anyway, but even more so when she's sick. She's desperately attached to that huge cream throw. It's her creamy fuzzy.


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