Monday, September 08, 2008

Wisconsin or bust

I never got the bust part. Does that mean we'll blow up, or just break a little?Regardless, everything is loaded and we're all set. In fact, by the time this is published we should be well on our way.

I've gotten a few emails asking why we're moving to Wisconsin instead of Idaho so I thought I'd blog about it. Wisconsin holds something for us that Idaho presently does not: a job. :) The Lord has opened the door through our friends there and has provided everything that we could possibly need to sustain us. We could not be more thankful for this answer to prayer, though it's a bittersweet transition for all of us due to having to be separated from family and friends that we love so dearly.

We've got two full days on the road ahead of us, so please keep us in prayer. I have a fierce phobia of being confined in a small space with 4 young, whining, tired children, so I'll need a whole lot of grace. I've come up with a few ideas to try to make this trip a pleasant experience, but one little migraine could shoot them down, stomp on their lightbulby heads, and crush them into a fine powder. The kind of powder that can waft into the nostrils of small children, making them sneeze violently, thus waking the over-tired, over-stimulated, over-bloated infant, who would in turn screech out in startled discontentment, agitating even the most steady and composed nervous system of any person within a 2 mile radius.

I think you can see where I'm going with this.

On the up side, if we were going all the way to Idaho on this trip, it would be FIVE days. F-I-V-E. See how the Lord is good?

Friday, September 05, 2008


On the Lord's Day Joshy went outside wearing a nice white polo shirt and his good jeans (aka: the ones without holes in the knees). I usually have him change into play clothes after worship but I was busy doing other things and didn't notice that he hadn't changed until he came in for dinner covered from head to foot in grime, his shirt looking more black than white.

"What in the world, Son?? You've gotten filthy!"

"Sorry, Mom. I was building the walls of Jerusalem!"

And a fine wall it was. I wish I'd gotten a photo of it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Isn't this the sweetest??

One of my favourite photos EVER! My sis-in-law Ann took this of my husband and daughter a little while ago. He was all filthy from sawing down a big tree that had broken in half after a severe thunderstorm. It wasn't safe to leave the rest standing.

"Thanks for the bear, Gramma!"

He hugs it tight...and then bites it as hard as he can. haha

He's wearing a onesie that my m-i-l saved. It was Josh's. Hard to believe he ever fit into it.


Momento, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Joshy found this little bird's nest and gave it to me for a gift. We can only take the bear necessities with us to Wisconsin, so I took this to remember his thoughtfulness by.

, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I know...

I know..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

you're all getting sick of this window. This is probably the last shot I'll get in it since we're moving in 5 days. Winconsin, here we come.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New shoes

New shoes, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

I've had Paolo Nutini's 'New Shoes' song rolling around in my head for the last few weeks. Thanks, Heather. :)

This is the brace he wears for 22-23 hours a day. It keeps his feet from turning back in and up into the clubfoot position.

, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Monday, September 01, 2008

I can't express...

I can't express..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

How happy it makes me to see his little feet. He gets to have 1-2 hours out of his brace every day for cleaning, stretching and airing them out.

I shot a whole bunch series with this dreadful white rug. On ISO 1600. Because, I'm a tard. Let's just pretend I added texture, ok? :)


Coneflower, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).


I've never gotten flare like this before.


Nestled, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

How's that for an original title? haha I cannot brain, I've got the dumb.

Isn't he beautiful though? He's turning into such a little boy. He giggles and squeals quite a bit now. He's still a crankapuss for a good part of the day, but he's so happy and sweet the rest of the time that it makes up for it.

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