Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

I should be...

Doing a lot of other things like going to bed, but these are too cute not to post. Kindly excuse the wonky colour. My computer is on strike so I had to use the laptop to edit them and it's not calibrated.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was hoping to get to photograph some 4lbs triplets today or tomorrow, but one of them is back in the NICU and may not make it. :( Please keep the family in prayer. I talked to the dad last night and they're really struggling.

Here's Emmy watching for Daddy. It's usually both of them but Joshy was outside today instead.

No Peace - I snuck up on Josh this evening while he was reading. Emmy did too. :D She's such a Daddy's girl.
Adeline's personality is very much like Joshy's was at her age. She's so active! You can't tell it here, but her arms and legs were going a mile a minute.
"Heeeey! Come a little closer so I can grab your hair and cram it into my mouth!" - I do try to get pictures of them together but Emmy is highly unco-operative. She doesn't like to be punched, kicked, slobbered on, or pinched. At all. What is WRONG with her???
Her hair has a red tinge, but it's not this red. Must've been the lighting.
She can only hold her head up for a minute or two, but she's so proud of herself.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I had to get one of his serious saving-the-people looks because he's almost grown out of his batman suit. Of course, all of you who know him understand that he is a goofball 95% of the time and he really pours it on whenever the camera is out, so I asked him to be serious. Ha!

"Stop it, you nut! Look like Daddy."

Tried some texture on this one:

This is so Norman Rockwell to me:

Fuzzy Feet - It's still in the 30's and much too chilly in here for bare feet. :)

Million Watt - Emmy was entertaining her this morning.

The Law in these parts. Ok, well Josh and I are, but he gets to wear the badge.

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