Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun with the English language

Addie (3): "Mom, I came inside because I was so boring."

more later...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Walter likes to wrestle, punch, and otherwise knock everyone down. He is no respecter of persons in this pursuit so we've been catechising him in boy/girl distinction in order to help him differentiate between who he may war with and who must be protected: Joshy - boy, Emmy - girl etc. I gave him a pop quiz the other night at bedtime.

Me: "Is Micaiah a boy or a girl?"

W: "Caiah boy!"

Me: "Is Daddy a boy or a girl?"

W: "Daddy boy!"

Me: "Is Papa a boy or a girl?"

W: "Papa boy!"

Me: "Is Emmy a boy or a girl?"

W: "Emmy MAN! heeheehee :)"

Addie singing Uncle Jamie's (Jamie Soles)song about Samson:

"I'm Samson the La-za-rite...."

Me: "Addie, it's NAzarite (launch into explanation). I think you're confusing Nazarite and Lazarus."

A (singing again): "I'm Samson the La-za-rus..."

Me: *beats head on wall*

Elisabeth: "Dadadadadadadadadada. Blahblahblahblahblah."

There were more. Must remember. Dishes first!

Quickly, and quite without photos

I got new glasses from 39dollarglasses. They had a $15.00 discount code so I got them for a song. I'm so thankful to God for sight! They're a little funky. I'll post photos. Maybe. Probably never. Sorry. :)

Walter's feet are doing fantastic. No signs of trouble and he's very agile on them. Fearless beast! He thinks he's an "A-kin Wine" (African Lion) lately. His roaring is very convincing. Also, the teeth marks on the back of my thigh.

After two years of searching, we've got a farm in the works. The offer has been accepted and we're waiting for a few details to check out. We could be on the move near the end of November. Praise God for us! Whether we stay or go, he is the opener of doors and the lifter of our heads.

We're taking a break from school to free up time for organizing and packing. The kids want to help me. It could be a opportunity to grow, right?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My poor old glasses bit the dust awhile ago. My eyes are too irritated in the early morning to happily accept the insertion of contacts, so I've been making breakfast in a rather blind fashion. Consequently, I keep burning myself in a most Johnny Hacklerish fashion and this morning? Eggshells. In my eggs.

I must get some new glasses.

What do you think of these?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Self-Control in a Wired World

I posted this on facebook right before I deactivated again. Leah shared it awhile ago and it resonates with me every time I know I've been on the computer too much. I am certain that Satan loves armchair Christians and I find myself too often being a hearer and not a doer.

Off to bed for me. We're heading to Spokane early in the morning for Walter's 6 month visit. Hopefully it will be a fun event for him unlike last time when he screamed at the nurses and doctors like they were peeling the skin from his toes. Who knew that having your feet measured could induce so much drama?

Friday, October 01, 2010

No, I do not like your hat. Good-bye!

I'm off of facebook again. Excuse me while I throw some of my statuses on here. Someday I'd like to make this blog into a keepsake book for my kids so I don't want to lose the funny things they've said.

Emmy (my 5 yr old): "What's that flavor of jelly belly called again? Nudiefart?" (tuttifrutti)

What would THAT taste like?

Jamie Soles song 'Fight Mr. Philistine!' prompted discussion with my kiddos about Eli and sons. It reminded me of this:
"You cannot control your children, you say.Then the Lord have mercy on you!

It is your business to do it, and you must do it, or else you will soon find they will control you. No one knows what judgmen...t will come from God upon those who allow sin in children to go unrebuked." ~ C.H. Spurgeon


‎"ON A BOARD!!" Addie (3yr) calling everyone to her train.

‎"Walter, don't touch that. Run! Run to the potty before you - oh shoot. Take those shoes off, Addie! Emmy, please remove your fingers from your mouth. Joshy, please stop pouncing on your brother. Oh dear. Elisabeth's awake already." School! Laundry! Diapers! Baking! Meals! Dishes! Phone calls! Stories! Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Life is like a box of chocolates? More like a game of whack-a-mole.

Joshy (7yrs): "That's a sweet Jeep."
Emmy (5 yrs), with as much gravel in her voice as a little girl can muster: "Ohhh, yeeeeaaah. Sah-weet like the Dickens."


Walter (2 yrs): "Foo. Foo, Mama. Diss fwy foo. I got it in sky."

Walnut is my bug exterminator. He is always on the hunt for flies in particular but he's fearless of bees and wasps too. Last week he proudly presented me with a yellow jacket which was trying very hard to sting him. One of these days...

Foo is the contract...ion 'for you'. I wonder if it will catch on. "I got some flowers foo, Honey."


We got four goldfish for the kiddos tonight. They all named their chosen. Joshy's is Oliver, Emmy's is Suzy, Addie's is Laura - Mary! no, Laura, and Walter's is No.

Annie Price makes the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted. Long may she live!

Walter (2 yrs): "Dah Wards myyyyy shepiiees, I noh wahn..." Psalm 23 Scottish Metrical Psalter

He converts all words that end in 'er' to 'ies'. Water=watties, paper=papies, etc.

Dishwasher's Grace
Thank God for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell. While other folks go hungry, we're eating very well. With home and health and happiness, we shouldn't want to fuss, for by this stack of evidence, God's very good to us.

Make me a portrait of Jesus
Paint his love over my sin
And make his life shine like a light through mine
...'Til I am a picture of him
Joni and Friends

Boon has joined No. It is the top news story in Walter's little world. If you come to my house and he feels agreeable enough to try to engage you in conversation, you will certainly be informed. "Fiss dead." Addie, bless her sweetness, was benevolent enough to give Walter her fish. Thank the Lord for seeds of compassion and kindness.

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