Thursday, March 31, 2011


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I can't hear what my children are saying to me because their hair is in their face.

Clips, ponytails, and headbands last for about 3 minutes in her hair so she looks like this about 99% of the time. She runs into and/or trips over things constantly, and then wonders why. Umm...

I can see my dad smiling back at me from her sweet little face. I love that.


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Walnut's other nickname is 'Boots'. His Auntie Jenni starting that one when he was still wearing his boots and brace 23 hours a day.

Bread maker, bread maker, make me some bread...

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Grind me some wheat, not too much lead.

Emmy made her first solo batch of loaves last week. Serious stuff. They were so delicious, they didn't last through the next day.

Front Porch View

Front Porch View, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

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I like this tree. I like the open sky, the rolling hills, and ever-changing but always beautiful color out here. I like that I can't see my neighbors, yet I know they're there. It's that kind of a community.

I have to fight the urge to pull my camera out pretty much every time I glance out a window.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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I suppose it *would* seems odd for any of my children to exhibit anything less than 30 different expressions a minute.

Sniffy Face

Sniffy Face, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

For several months now, L has been scrunching up her face and sniffing. She does it when she's excited about something or if she wants to amuse us.

Where's my Pie-kins?

Where's Lizzie?, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Oh, there she is!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom Mom

Mom Mom, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Emmy is quite the artist (and she shares my absurd sense of humor). Look at that detail! This portrait is of my m-i-l. Who wouldn't feel flattered by such a likeness?

Blue-Eyed Cuties

Blue-Eyed Cuties, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Just a snap. I wish E hadn't rocked forward but it's a keeper anyway. I could just smoosh their heads together - such sweetness!

Dolly Bug

Dolly Bug, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

She even says "Mama".

One from January. I get a kick out of the antennae protruding from her head.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Nut and Mini

Happy Nut and Mini, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

This little banty chick of Greg's crawled into W's vest and went peepingly to sleep.

Does anybody else see Tim in this picture?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The last time these two will ever be on my bed.


My almost 8 year old son saved for a number of years to buy a dog. We were thinking of getting a Golden but who could resist this face? He's a Border Collie/Lab/Who knows? mix. Joshy named him Jake. He's the smartest puppy I've ever worked with and such a sweetie.

You've met Joe already. I took this last week and he's at least twice as cute now. I kid you not. He's starting to purr and play a little bit and he's growing into that pointy weasel nose.

All of these babies!

Farm Kids

Farm Kids, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

Oh the mud.

My washing machine was having heart failure so we had to implement the 'Mud Clothing Program'. All clothing has now been designated 'Good', 'House', or 'Outside' respectively. I would like to design some handy dandy Rubberalls (you heard it here FIRST!) that the kids could just slip on over their other clothes and then hang up when they come in, but this works for now. Happy Kids. Happy Mom. Happy washer. Not so happy clothing. Oh well.

The Great Kitty Tamer

The Great Kitty Tamer, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

A mama cat and 3 half grown kittens came with our farm. They were pretty wild for the first couple of weeks but Josh and Emmy won them over with lots of love.

This one is Bunny. She thinks my camera is going to eat her for brunch.

If I'd only had four...

look what I would be missing out on. :)

This takes skill...

This takes skill..., originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

and, apparently, concentration as well.

Little miss is still not into the whole crawling thing ( Yay for me! ), but she's recently begun pushing herself backward at an alarming rate. When she runs into a wall, she yells like somebody just slapped her and stole her candy.

She's also been mimicking us for awhile. Her latest trick is to rip out a handful of my hair while simultaneously squealing, "OW!".

Addie /Joe

Addie /Joe, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

She still has a fierce love for all things fuzzy.

Uh, Mom?

Uh, Mom?, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

A little help with this beast, please?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Allow me to poke your eye out.

Survivor Joe

Survivor Joe, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

The mama cat Whiskers (Walter calls her "Sugars") had a litter of kittens a few weeks ago. Little Joe is the only one who made it. The kids absolutely adore him!

We had them in a box in the basement but I had to move them out to the barn today to make room for our chicks. I sorta miss the little feller when I go down to change the laundry.

SOOC - monochrome (not sure of the ISO)

Rest Time

Rest Time, originally uploaded by iamaprice(Amanda).

All of my kids take a rest immediately after lunch. The older two typically read fun books, the middle two sleep, and I get to have one on one time with the baby, who is usually just waking up from her morning nap.

I hated to chance waking her, but she looked so beautiful wrapped up in her 'White Fuzzy' with 'Bears' at her side, I was compelled to grab my camera.

SOOC - ISO 1600 monochrome

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