Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here's one from Tuesday. We went to Kathryn's and it was raining out so we moved Matthew's bikes and bbq into the dining hall. Tammy found a fun way to entertain the littles. This is so them (don't shoot me Tam). Gabe having a blast and Emmy analysing everything.

Since I'm in a writing mood, I have to tell you a few stories. Today Josh had the kids out with him while he was putting clothes on the line (is he wonderful or what??), and he hears Joshy talking to Emmy: "Emmy, you want diss squeaky bear? Look! It's squishy!" *squish, squish* Josh sorta glanced over, but didn't look closely at what he was holding until he gave it to Emmy and saw her squishing it too. The "squeaky bear" was an old bloated cigarette butt that had soaked up a bunch of rainwater!

So then tonight after I gave Joshy his bath, he starts methodically pulling his hair out. I tell him to stop because he needs his hair and he looks at me and says defiantly, "Uncoe Shawn does it ALL the time!" :D :D Posted by Picasa
Just an older one from this spring. I love those baby fly-aways! I had a very restful day today at Josh's expense. I had a fever when I woke up this morning so he stayed home from work to help me sleep it off. The kids were hoooorrrible! Emmy knew I was in my room so she came to howl on the other side of the door as often as she could sneak away from Josh and Joshy always gets irritated when she's wailing loudly and he's trying to talk, so he was beside himself. I started feeling better around 5 and got up to get a bite to eat. By that time Josh had come to the conclusion that he never wanted to be a mom. hahaha I'm so grateful that he muddled through the day though cuz I don't think I could've managed by myself. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"cween-een da dwiveway foe Pops" Posted by Picasa
I know I said I'd post more, but I've been busy! Here's one of Joshy from a couple of weeks ago. He was helping Daddy by blowing the dust out of his toolbox. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scowl Posted by Picasa
Lovin' all the spring flowers Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 06, 2006

And what day would be complete without a few Joshy antics? He's taken a liking to Emmy's new hat, haha. Posted by Picasa
She looks like she's trying to do the model thing but she was really just concentrating on brushing her hair with a clothespin. Posted by Picasa
"WHA-CHAT, SONNY?" Posted by Picasa
Hanging on every word Posted by Picasa
Love this. Posted by Picasa
Tam came over to get some more pics of her and Jody's new stuff. I wanted to take them outside but it was raining off and on and the wind was too cold, so we opted to do them in my room. Emmy puts up with our nonsense pretty well, but she mostly just wanted Auntie Tammy to pick her up and dance with her. I love her "Saaave me!" look here. You know it's time to put the camera away when... Posted by Picasa
Escaping pigtail Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

Rock Hunting - searching for the perfect skipping stone. Posted by Picasa
Watching Daddy - note the dead leaves hanging off of her diaper. Many thanks to Sheila for the little dress. :D Posted by Picasa
We had a lovely time at the park yesterday. Josh let Joshy wade in the creek since it's so shallow right now. At one point he splashed himself good and got water all over his clothes. I was up on the bridge taking a picture of Emmy and Josh was looking for a worthy skipping rock. When we looked up, Joshy was standing there on the bank with his clothes on the rocks all around him! "I juss need some new cwose cause deese ones got too wet", he says. haha Cue the 'we don't take our clothes off in public places' speech. It's so hard to believe that he'll be three next month.Posted by Picasa

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