Monday, October 29, 2007

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This is from a shoot for They've added some stylin' wool berets to their clothing line.

I had to post this one. She's such a ham.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's been ages

1. Sorry, no photos tonight. I just wanted to pop on really quick and let you all know that I'm still here.

2. There's a crazy rumor going around that I'm expecting another baby in May.

It's true. :)

Everything is stinky and I feel ready to upchuck at any given moment throughout the day, so all is well. Washing diapers has presented the biggest challenge thus far. I may have to beg leave of that job for awhile. ~insert maniacal laugh here~

3. On a related baby note, I'm delighted to welcome my new little niece, Lydia, into the world! God is so good!

4. By way of update: Emmy seems to be free of Lyme disease symptoms so we are praising God for that. I was concerned that she would suffer from an overgrowth of yeast due to being on antibiotics for such a long time, but the probiotics are doing their job beautifully.

5. I miss all of you. I miss my little Internet world. I don't miss the resulting dysfunction in my household due to keeping up with everything on here though. This is better.

I leave you with a few tidbits. I really need to start a journal.

Joshy: "Hey Dad?"

Josh: "What's up, buddy?"

Joshy: "I finally figured it out."

Josh: "Figured what out?"

Joshy: "What's important to God."

Josh: "Oh ya?"

Joshy: "He cares about your heart!"

Emmy: "God gives us soooooo much giffs! He gived me my eyes and my hair, an' an' an' my teefs, and my hands, and my bum bum, and my toes! That's how many giffs He gives us so we have something to sit on!"

Joshy came up to me one afternoon and kissed my hand with a sly grin. Then he looked up at me and said:

"You know what that means, Momma? That means that I'm acting like you're my husband!"

Joshy: "Mom! Momma! You know what I reeeeeeeaaaally need! A COUNHOONDER!"

Me: "A what?"

Joshy: " A COUNHOONDER! Yes! I need one so I can teach it how to track raccoons like Bess!" (That's Auntie Annie's Coonhound cross for those of you who don't know)

One morning Emmy was pretending that Joshy was her dog. She had him on a leash and was being drug all over the house. They were having a wonderfully fun time of it until Joshy suddenly knocked her over and started gnawing on her arm!

Me: "Ack! Joshy! What are you doing? Get off of her!"

Joshy: "I have to bite her! I have berries!"

Me: "What do berries have to do with anything?"

Joshy: "Yes, yes! I have to growl and bite her because I have BARIES like Owd Yeller!"

*Note to self: Google - 'Verbal Dyslexia'

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